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Penthius is a custom search engine based on the search engine used in the television series The Ghost Whisperer. Penthius is an alternative search engine that has refined search results to return free, reliable, and valuable information. Penthius promotes non-profit organizations, educational institutions, government departments, and well-established companies and gives them priorities in search results.

Penthius refines search results by ranking websites based on content. Every website promoted by Penthius has been reviewed (by the human eye) before receiving priority. This is a test that no computer algorithm can match.

Penthius is able to provide a safer alternative search engine for office, workplace and classroom environments. Penthius Search filters out unwanted adult content from search results to avoid embarrassment and frustration.

Penthius is continually trying to improve search results and always welcomes feedback from users. Please feel free to submit a website that you think we should promote in our search results. Or conversely, submit a website that you think we should remove from our search results.